Importance of Tree pruning in Winter

Winter is the ideal time to work on pruning as this is basically ‘dormant’ season for not only the growth of the trees/plants, but also for diseases and the insects that bring them. This is also the time that trees have lost leaves which gives better access to arborists to work on the branches. Timing your prune well is certainly the secret to having a beautiful and fuller growth in spring and summer. The fruits and blooms of ‘delayed gratification’ can be enjoyed when the sunny season starts by conducting this activity at the right time in winter.

Additional benefits of Tree Pruning in winter

  • Clearing weak or dead branches ahead of the weather change storms/ winds
  • Easier and cost-effective time to clean due to lesser leaves and less dusty ground
  • Insects and pests are dormant at this time giving time for the pruned area to heal
  • Stimulates vigorous growth at the right time for trees

Having a clear thoughtful vision of why the pruning is being done is important to enjoy the blooms and fruits of your labour during the pleasant weather ahead. Determine whether the goal is ‘heading back’ or ‘thinning’ and plan next steps by either doing it yourself or hiring a seasoned tree pruning company like Redback Tree Services who have a passionate and expert team of arborists at your disposal. Make sure that when ‘thinning’ i.e., removal of entire branch back to the trunk, the cut is not too close to the base of the branch collar. Once done properly, you will see a healthy callus around the cut in spring. Also, if ‘heading back’ i.e., shortening the length of the branch, make sure no stub is left behind. Stubs may result in rotting and invite pests and insects to infect that area. The cut also needs to be at a slight angle above the side branch or bud. In all these activities, it is paramount that the equipment/tools used are well disinfected and of good quality to prevent any cross contamination or disease from previous use. The qualified arborist team at Redback are well experienced to be able to understand the exact tools required and with over 15 years of experience in the field, ensures that the pruning and removal work are conducted with utmost professionalism.

Tree Maintenance & Arborist Services in Winter

Winter pruning is a tree maintenance activity which enables discovering vulnerable areas such as damaged or diseased branches. This in turn makes pruning more effective and promotes a healthier tree growth resulting in risk mitigation of unforeseen accidents. Dead/dying or damaged trees can be dangerous when there is a storm or heavy winds which usually accompanies a change in weather, putting the health and safety of your loved ones and neighbours at risk. In addition to that, the visual of a beautifully trimmed tree enhances the beauty and class of your property.

Awareness of the dangers of an unprofessional job is also something to be mindful of. There are inaccessible areas or taller trees which requires access at a height. While doing it yourself, make sure the right equipment, harness, ladder, grips and reinforcements are in place before embarking on a job requiring skill and precision at awkward angles and dangerous heights. Improper pruning can also result in stunted growth or creating an opening for diseases to enter the trees/ plants. A good eye for detail and precise cuts in the correct angles is important to complete a good pruning and resulting in growth stimulation or aesthetic preservation whichever is the objective of the activity undertaken.

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At Redback, we have a group of switched-on and friendly team who come with the below advantages so that you can be rest assured of a good job completion:

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Our service is well known among our customers to be conducted with utmost professionalism and within the timelines promised. Be it careful segmented cutting and lowering of branches or getting the excess wood chipped and area cleaned up to sometimes a better condition than how we found it, the Redback team takes the care to ensure that you are well satisfied with our service.