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Trees are a spatial to any garden. They provide shade and keep your surrounding cool on hot days. They add beauty and they’re vital to our wellbeing and can keep you calm and relaxed when gazing at them.

Trees remain a vital component of any eco-system. However, they do need to be well maintained and monitored to ensure they are at their best at all times. Taking care of your surroundings means that they automatically take care of you too. 

Unsightly. Wild. Dangerous. These are words used to describe trees and shrubbery that are ill maintained and can compromise not just your property value, but also your safety, if not carefully considered. Trees that aren’t trimmed or otherwise properly maintained, can prove hazardous if they lead to blocked gutters because of shedding leaves, or create blindspots that make it dangerous to pull into, or out of, your own driveway.

Your surroundings will always need a little maintenance, and just like you would conduct routine updates to your homes when it comes to paint and furniture, your gardens and green spaces will also need that kind of upkeep. Shrubs and flower beds need to be raked, trimmed and weeded. Doing it yourself can be therapeutic, but bringing in professionals on a scheduled basis means you are ensuring everything is kept up to date.  

Depending on the origins of the varieties of greenery you have, the maintenance schedule can be as often, or as seldom as you require. The best way to ascertain what you need would be to give us a call, and let our team of professionals give you an idea of what you might be looking at in terms of work to be done.

But trees that aren’t properly Maintained or pruned change the look of surrounding and make it unpleasant for the eye. They can obstruct driveways and paths, fill gutters with leaves, obstruct light coming through windows and overhang neighbouring properties. They can also be a Hazard when in contact with electrical and other telecommunication cables. Loose Branches can be a Hazard to the surrounding or the property during a storm or a windy day.

Being the experts in Tree pruning and trimming in Melbourne our qualified staff take pride in providing outstanding customer service and respecting our customers ideas we listen and provide our expert advice. We pay detailed attention to your concerns about your trees, then let you know all the options available to bring out the beauty of your garden.

Tree Pruning Melbourne

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