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Redback tree services specialise in the stump removal and grinding of tree stumps for both domestic residential gardens and commercial sites all over Melbourne.

Redback tree Services are centrally located in Moorabbin we can provide reliable service and cover greater areas across Melbourne. With teams based across Melbourne, we are able to provide cost effective solutions for your stumping requirements.

Here at Redback Tree Services, we know that a stump left in the garden can prove hazardous. Whether to the overall health of your green spaces, or simply to the aesthetic you want in your surroundings. We have teams with years of experience in the business, all with access to state of the art equipment and intensive training, to help you decide exactly what you wish to do. Depending on the size of the tree and the viability of the stump, you can choose to remove it entirely, or simply have it ground down to below surface level. Our consultants will work with you to help you decide what would be the best and safest option for your property. 

A stump in the middle of your garden might make for an interesting conversation piece, or it could prove an excellent photo opportunity. It is also just as likely to prove itself a home for pests, or plant infections that can then spread to the rest of your garden. Let us help you make your garden a safe space for all your greenery. We also have multitudes of experience in arborist services, so we’re well equipped to offer advice on the best maintenance for your space once you have the stump removed. 

Servicing most of the Bayside area, and the South Eastern Melbourne suburbs, we have teams across the city that can meet you at your convenience to design an action plan that gives you great value for money, while also preserving the integrity of your greenery.

At Redback Tree Services our professional tree stump removal Teams are able to tackle the most difficult tree stumps with the use of high quality large and small stump grinding equipment and highly experienced and qualified stump removal specialists makes the toughest stump big or small removed with ease.

We take pride in the service we provide as we have qualified and experienced staff and the State of the Art Technology and Machinery that tackles and removes all shapes and sizes with our Advanced stump grinding techniques. We also provide Tree Removal and Tree Trimming & Pruning Services in Melbourne and South Eastern Suburbs.

Big or Small We Remove them all!!!!

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