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Introducing Redback Tree Services

20+ Years Experienced

If you organise a business to remove a tree, trim, prune or provide other arborist services you’d expect them to know what they’re doing. And in the case of Redback Tree Services, you’d be right. Our people are professionally trained arborists and qualified in all aspects of tree care.

But providing professional tree care is only part of the way in which we ensure complete satisfaction for our customers.

At Redback Tree services We consider ourselves different from other tree services here in Melbourne simply because we possess the skills to do just about any job without taking shortcuts regarding tree health or the safety of our employees. We start by doing a thorough inspection of our customers trees and their surroundings our quoters have a mandate Hazard identification process we follow on every single job we quote and a Mandate SWMS is filled out by our crew to mitigate any risk before we commence every single Job. We then provide our valued customers with recommendations for work to be done. Our goal is often to promote healthy growth of established trees.

Safety and Environment

The safety of our people, you, your family and the wider community is our first priority. We place a high priority on the environment, too. You can relax when your trees, shrubs and property are in the hands of Redback Tree Services.

Passion and Advice

While caring for trees, shrubs and other plant life is our job, it’s also our passion. That’s why we’re more than happy to provide an arborist advice to you in all aspects of caring for your trees, shrubs and other plants.

Consultation & Advice

Add to this we provide competitive quotes and honest advice and thats why it’s easy to see why people use Redback Tree Services again and again.

Passionate About Trees

With over 15 yrs experience in caring for trees and plants, we certainly love what we do.

Public Liability Insurance

Denouncing pleasure & praising pain give you a complete account.

Only Qualified Arborists

We pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise. Keeping up to date with latest procedures.

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we give 100% satisfaction to Our Clients & Business Partners