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At Redback Tree Services we take pride in ourselves on being Melbourne’s most recommended and qualified complete tree removal service provider. With more than 15 years of experience handling and caring for trees our expert and friendly team of tree specialists who are qualified arborists and the most experienced in Melbourne. We have the expertise, qualification and experience in all kind of tree work in Melbourne. We also provide Tree Cutting  and Lopping, Stump Removal & Grinding and Tree Pruning & Trimming services.

Redback Tree Services believes deeply in the phrase “Every branch has meaning.”

We take great pride in the fact that we are industry leaders in providing highly skilled arborist’s services, with a technology driven approach to back our highly skilled team members. With more than 15 years experience, we do whatever we can to preserve the ecological balance of any areas we operate in. Something we’ve learned is that there are times the best way to make sure a green space stays healthy is to remove a threatening factor. 

There are times when it is safest and most prudent to remove a tree altogether. So while we try to use removal as a last resort, we have enough knowledge in the business to understand that sometimes, it is the most effective move. 

If removing one single tree preserves all the rest of the greenery in the area, then we make sure to do so as swiftly and as safely as possible. 

Our goal is to constantly promote the healthy growth of any kind of greenery. This is made possible by giving those spaces the chance to flourish in an area ideal for the activity. Once you call us, we send over a team that works with you to find out what you need, and then we inspect the surrounding area to give you all the information you could possibly need to make the most informed decision on what would work best for your space. This is why Redback Tree Services is so highly trusted as a valued resource in the Bayside Area.

Who is an Arborist and what do they do

Are you looking for a reliable tree removal company near you? Look no further than Redback Tree Services Melbourne. We are Melbourne’s preferred arborist and tree removal company, and we’re proud to offer our services to the residents of Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.

No matter what your tree removal needs may be, we have the experience and expertise to get the job done right. We specialize in tree and stump removal, and we also offer a variety of other tree services such as trimming, pruning, and more.

We’re dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible service, and we’re always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule a consultation.

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Why choose Redback tree services

  • Fast and Reliable service
  • We NOT ONLY provide consultation, you also receive expert advice from our qualified Arborist.
  • Fully insured and Public Liability cover of upto 20 Million dollars.
  • Qualified and Trusted Staff who handle every Job with a personal touch.
  • Melbourne’s Most Recommended Tree service company
  • We Clean up after every single Job!!!
  • We follow a strict work safe policy to ensure the safety of our staff and their work place.
  • Finally, we are very competitive in pricing across Melbourne.

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Redback Tree Services has been the preferred arborist and tree services company in Melbourne for over 15+years. We are a full-service company that offers tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding, and more. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service and experience. Our team of certified arborists and tree surgeons is skilled and experienced in all aspects of tree care. We are also proud to offer our services at competitive rates. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation!

If you have rotten or dead trees in your garden, or your front yard needs a facelift, Redback Tree Services is Melbourne’s most recommend fast and reliable tree removal, tree cutting & tree lopping service provider in and around Melbourne you can count on. Call us today on 9525 7667 or contact us online. Our expert advice from our friendly and qualified Arborists…


The cost of tree removal in Melbourne can vary depending on a number of factors, including the size and type of tree, the location of the tree, and whether or not the tree is hazardous. In general, however, tree removal companies in Melbourne charge between $400 and $4,000 for their services. Some of the larger tree removal companies in Melbourne may charge a bit more for their services, but they usually offer a free quote so you can compare prices before you make a decision. If you have a large or hazardous tree that needs to be removed, it’s always best to consult with a professional before attempting to remove it yourself. Call Redback Tree Services today for a quick Quote on 9525 7667

If you’re looking to have a tree removed from your property, it’s important to hire a professional arborist. Tree removal can be a dangerous and complicated process, so it’s best left to the experts. Not only will they be able to safely and efficiently remove the tree, but they’ll also be able to advise you on the best course of action for your particular situation.

There are many reasons why you might need to have a tree removed. Perhaps it’s dead or dying and poses a safety risk, or maybe it’s simply in the way and needs to be cleared to make room for something else. Whatever the reason, a professional arborist will be able to assess the situation and come up with the best plan for removal.

Tree removal is not something that should be attempted by yourself. It requires specialised equipment and knowledge in order to be carried out safely and effectively. So if you need to have a tree removed from your property, make sure you hire a professional arborist who can get the job done right. Call Redback Tree Services on 9525 7667 for a quick Quote.

If you have limited access to your tree, or it is in a difficult to reach location, you may need to hire a professional tree removal company in Melbourne. These companies have the experience and equipment necessary to safely remove your tree. Some companies even offer crane services, which can be very helpful if your tree is large or located in a difficult spot. Redback Tree Services specialise in Limited access tree removal.

If you’re thinking of removing a tree from your property, you may be wondering if you need to apply for a council permit. The answer is that it depends on the tree and the Council in which it is located. In some cases, a permit may not be required, while in others, it may be necessary to obtain one before proceeding with the removal. If you’re unsure about whether or not you need a permit, it’s best to check with your local council or get a professional Arborist who can advise on tree removal permit requirements. They will be able to advise you on the specific requirements for tree removal in your area.

When it comes to tree removal in Melbourne, you can trust that the team at Redback Tree Services will clean up after themselves on completion of the tree works. We understand the importance of keeping your property clean and tidy, and will go above and beyond to make sure that everything is just the way you want it. You can rest assured knowing that your tree removal project is in good hands with Redback Tree Services.