Emergency Tree services in Melbourne

Have you thought why people put off tree trimming, tree pruning or removal services until there is an urgent need? Well, often times it is due to not being proactive in maintaining the health of trees until disaster strikes making it an emergency service!

Trees are vital to the environment and a beauty to behold which means they also need the TLC (tender loving care) like any other living things. If not managed proactively, they can create the opposite impact like overhangings on the neighbour’s property, obstructing light and creating unnecessary noises on windy days, filling the gutter with leaves leading to blockages/ overflows or even worst, falling branches or tree creating critical damages and insurance payouts for restoring precious homes. Many emergency tree removal calls (especially on heavy wind or storm days) can be avoided by having early care and treatment conducted on trees that would help with clearing dead/dying branches, removal of hazardous roots or branches and prevent flooding situations due to blocked drains or pipes.

Tree pruning, tree trimming, or tree removal services also requires trained professionals to undertake the job. And that is where experienced and qualified arborists and tree maintenance teams are an absolute requirement to trust to perform those critical services. There are several health and safety aspects around the house to be inspected before starting on the tree lopping or removal services like thorough site inspection, segment by segment tree dismemberment, the right power tools and equipment etc. Tree roots can grow 10-12 times the length of branches and can cause structural damage to the building or piping which can be prevented and remedied if identified early.

Tree pruning or trimming can:

  1. Enable the right growth direction of young trees
  2. Increased sunlight into your home and garden
  3. Enhanced visual appeal to the garden and home
  4. Tree life prolonged
  5. Controls and reduces tree height
  6. Encourages healing and growth (especially in winter)
  7. Storm damaged branches gets removed


If you have been putting the activity off or struggling to find affordable, qualified and well experienced arborist or tree services near you, look no further and give us a call on (03) 9988 1256.. Our team will be more than happy to provide you with advice and details of the work to be performed taking away any stress you had.